Gold Lifestyle

The price our customers buy bullion is the same as our cost. Each kind of bullion has its own price over spot. Example: Silver Eagles have a different price than generic silver bars but all still sold at cost. All bullion prices are based on spot and updated about every 20 seconds. The difference between a buy price and sell price is called the “spread”. Every metal vendor has their own spread. Our typical spread is around 2%. This is extremely good compared to the rest of the world.

$149 At Cost Metals Package: 1 year of at cost pricing of bullion and usage of the ACM Vault.

$399 ACM Plus Package: 1 year of the same thing and also includes variety of 3 perfect MS70 graded numismatic Silver coins.

Notes: All products are of physical metals. You can use the vault or have them shipped. Metals in the vault can be shipped or sold back at any time. Shipping and Handling is not a profit center for the company. The vault is a 3rd party we have contracted. It’s the strongest rated, most-secure, best equipped, fully insured place to store many billions worth of precious metals.
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